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  • JQuery UI AutoComplete TextBox from Database using PageMethod in ASP.Net

    In this post we’ll see how to user JQuery UI Autocomplete with asp.net pagemethod. For database, we’ll be using Northwind database. PageMethod: In above code, we’re fetching data from customer table from northwind database based on text entered by user. You may want to have this code in separate (data access) layer and must use […]

  • Jquery DataTables: Add column filter and remove global filter

    Jquery DataTables plugin allows you to search through all the columns and it works pretty well. Now if you want to add a column-wise filter, you need to use the JQuery DataTables Column Filter plugin. To extend JQuery DataTables with Column Filter plugin, you need to have code like below: I’m using asp.net repeater control […]

  • jQuery multiselect plugin retain selection on postback in Asp.net

    The jQuery Mutiselect plugin allows users to select multiple items from the options available in the dropdown. When we click on the dropdown, it looks something like the below : Check out the demo page of the plugin here. The problem with the plugin is that it won’t remember the user selection, and value will […]

  • How to display message box in Asp.net?

    Every new beginner from windows form development background uses MsgBox.Show method but unfortunately it executes server side and will display the message box on server. Then they ask it on different forums seeking help, how to display message box in Asp.net then? (one of the most frequent and common question on asp.net forums) There are […]