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  • SQL Server Add-In : SSMS Tools Pack

    SSMS Tools Pack, I downloaded this free Add-in 3 weeks ago, and I am glad that I did that. Below are the few features that I’ve been using so far : You can check out more useful features here and you can download it here. This add-in makes life easier with its number of features […]

  • Outer joins and search predicates – II

    In my last post, we saw that if we place a search predicate in WHERE clause instead of placing it along with the ON clause, we may get the expected output. Now let’s understand what happens behind the scene. Note: we’ll use the pubs database for the example. Suppose we want to list all the […]

  • SQL Server 2008 : Table Valued Parameter and Merge

    Recently I was working on one project, and I was supposed to Insert/Update many records in the database. I wanted to do it in a single round trip. I Googled it and found two excellent features of SQL Server 2008: the Table Valued Parameter and Merge Statement. Table Valued Parameter allows you to send many […]