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  • dotPeek, an alternative to .NET Reflector

    Those who have been using .NET Reflector must be knowing that it’s not free anymore. Those who don’t know about Reflector, don’t have to bother much now. You could download dotPeek, an awesome decompiler, which is in the Early Access Program stage. It’s been developed by JetBrains, the maker of Resharper, and more developer productivity […]

  • SQL Server Add-In : SSMS Tools Pack

    SSMS Tools Pack, I downloaded this free Add-in 3 weeks ago, and I am glad that I did that. Below are the few features that I’ve been using so far : You can check out more useful features here and you can download it here. This add-in makes life easier with its number of features […]

  • Mouse Extender : A cozy utility

    If you don’t like your desktop covered with so many icons and still want to open your favourite program with ease then Mouse Extender (ME) is the best option for you. I’ve been using it for quite a long time at my home as well as office. You can download it from CodePlex. ME is […]