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  • Visual Studio Macros and Build Events

    Visual Studio has a nifty feature called Post/Pre Build events. These are used to include extra Dos commands and Macros and execute them before or after the build. You can open it using project properties, and it will open a dialog as shown below: For post-build events, you can define when to run commands included […]

  • Reset .net validation controls client side

    We often provide form reset functionality, and people handle it client-side or server-side. Generally, we validate user input and show the proper validation messages. But sometimes, the user has entered the wrong information, and thus it will display validation messages. Now, if you have handled form reset functionality client-side, you must also reset all validation […]

  • iTextSharp – Add Image from base64 string

    Itexhsharp is a popular third-party component for creating PDFs with the .Net framework. If you’re using Itextsharp for the first time, I would suggest you go through Mike’s series on Itextsharp that helps you get started, and here is the article from the series that shows different ways to add images to Itextsharp. To add an […]

  • How to pass multiple records to stored procedure in Asp.net?

    There are three main ways to pass multiple records to the stored procedure. To know what is a table-valued parameter and how to pass a data table to stored procedure and implement upsert (update + insert) logic using Merge Statement, check out an old post here. We’ll see in this post how you can pass […]

  • Edit, share, execute and debug code within browser – make a fiddle

    Many times we want to execute some ideas with JavaScript/JQuery and CSS to see whether we are on the right track?  We want to share HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery code with others and allow them to run it, especially on the forums. If so, make a fiddle. It not only solves the problem of sharing […]

  • Tip: Schema qualify database objects

    When working in a team, it may happen that few of the team mates follow best practices and others don’t give damn about it. They just completes the tasks on the name of ‘getting things done’. It may create nightmares if all the team members don’t follow the best practices. Either do it or don’t. […]

  • Specify size for character data type

    Recently I was referring to books online to confirm one strange behavior in SQL Server. In one of the legacy applications, string was being passed to the stored procedure as parameter and it was storing only 30 characters. To my surprise when I saw the code, everything seemed OK. Later on I found out that […]

  • How to display message box in Asp.net?

    Every new beginner from windows form development background uses MsgBox.Show method but unfortunately it executes server side and will display the message box on server. Then they ask it on different forums seeking help, how to display message box in Asp.net then? (one of the most frequent and common question on asp.net forums) There are […]

  • dotPeek, an alternative to .NET Reflector

    Those who have been using .NET Reflector must be knowing that it’s not free anymore. Those who don’t know about Reflector, don’t have to bother much now. You could download dotPeek, an awesome decompiler, which is in the Early Access Program stage. It’s been developed by JetBrains, the maker of Resharper, and more developer productivity […]

  • SQL Server Add-In : SSMS Tools Pack

    SSMS Tools Pack, I downloaded this free Add-in 3 weeks ago, and I am glad that I did that. Below are the few features that I’ve been using so far : You can check out more useful features here and you can download it here. This add-in makes life easier with its number of features […]