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  • Retrieve selected treenode value at server side

    As I said in my previous post, here’s how to retrieve selected tree node values on the server side. All the nodes, including the parent node, are selected in the above image. In my first post, we concatenated the parent node’s value with the child node and assigned it to the child node so that whenever we […]

  • TreeView Node Value at Client Side

    As I said in my last post, in this post, I will demonstrate how to retrieve the value of selected nodes on the client side. First of all, if you are not aware of how to Populate Treeview dynamically with database fields and check/ Uncheck TreeView Checkboxes, then please refer to respective posts. Here’s the snap of Treeview selected nodes: As […]

  • Check/ Uncheck Treeview Checkboxes with Javascript

    As I said in my last post, I would post the code on retrieving treeview node values on the client and server sides. But before that, we must add a client script to check/ uncheck treeview checkboxes. First of all, add the following to your page_load event: C# VB JavaScript Next time I will post […]

  • Populate Treeview With Database Fields

    This post describes how to populate Treeview with database fields. People are often required to populate Treeview with database fields, and they choose different approaches to make it work. Here I am going to describe the simplest way. Here I’ll be using SQL Server Sample Database: Relations: Treeview : VB Code: C# Code: In my […]