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Recently one of the guy asked on forum that is there any shortcut key to insert comments above method or function. There’s no exact shortcut but yes, you can insert comment above your method and function by typing 3 slash (///) in c# and 3 single quote in VB and still you’ve to type summary for your method or function to define what it does.

But there exists add-in which help you to generate comments with summary on your defined shortcut. Just download GhostDoc, install it and define your short cut. Now whenever you’re required to generate comments, fire your defined shortcut once you’re done with that method or function and it will insert comments with summary.

Many of us generally type the ASPX markup ourselves instead of using VS designer. To make it easy here’s the add-in ASPX Edit Helper Though it was designed for VS 2005 but it works with VS 2008 without any problem. You just need to place binaries in AddIns folder. If folder is not there then create it. Next step would be to select it from

Tools –> Add-In Manager –> ASPX Edit Helper

and you’re ready to go. There are more useful Add-Ins which can make your life more easy and can save you some time. Please check out below link :

Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now






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